How can I reply to my customers?
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If you have connected your preferred sending mailbox/domain:

If a customer replies to an automated reminder or statement, you will have received the reply into your mailbox - you should reply to your customer from your mailbox - any replies to automated emails will be recorded under the Conversations tab on the customer record in Satago.

If you are sending emails from the Satago Subdomain:

Replies from your customers will be forwarded to your own mailbox where you can reply to the customer and the conersation will still appear under the Conversations tab in Satago. You also have the option to reply from the Conversations tab when using Satago subdomain.

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How do I connect my own email domain? - Please note mailbox integration is not available on our Standard subscription and you would need to upgrade to Plus from your Billing section. Alternatively you can contact us on or via live chat for assistance with this.

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