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Mailbox Integration
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Connecting your mailbox to Satago
The emails we send via Satago are related to our automated credit control tool.
By connecting your mailbox to Satago you will provide Satago with the ability to send e-mail reminders, statements and thank-you messages to your customers from your connected mailbox. Additionally, we will monitor your mailbox for direct replies to the messages we sent on your behalf from the Satago app. These messages will be read from your mailbox and added to the Conversations section of the related invoice(s). For this reason, we encourage our customers to use a dedicated credit control mailbox with this product.

What information does Satago store in the platform?
When an email is sent by the platform in relation to the credit control tool, or when you receive a reply from your customer in relation to it, the platform stores the following: your customer's email address, the contact name, the subject line, and the text of the message body. This information is never shared to anyone outside your account and we do not conduct any analysis on the messages.
At Satago we understand and value data security and privacy. We keep your communication traffic private and we do not disclose any information included in the messages exchange (email address, content) to any third parties. Please refer to the Security Statement for more information about how Satago protects your information.

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