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How do I set up customer groups?
How do I set up customer groups?
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Under your credit control settings, you have the option to create customer groups. This is helpful for when you need to word emails differently for a handful of customers, for example, more formal or informal templates, or maybe you want them in a completely different language or signed off by a different account manager.

Under your settings, you already have the customer group named default. This is your main customer group. If you need to create a separate customer template group, you can do this by clicking create new group. You'll need to name your new group.

You'll then have the option to copy from templates you already have set up on your Satago system. Once you have created a new group, you are taken to the template setup for this group. You can now start customising reminder, statement and 'thank you' templates along with the sending schedule.

Once you’re happy with the wording in the new templates, you can assign customers to the new group, and this can be done this by heading to the Accounts section in the sidebar menu and then clicking Customers.

Open a customer by clicking on their name and then head to the options tab under this customer profile. Scroll down until you see the reminders group. If this has not been changed before, it will be set under the default group. Click on the drop down and select the new customer group that was created.

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