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How do I customise my reminder templates?
How do I customise my reminder templates?
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To set up your automated reminder templates navigate to Credit Control > Settings. You'll land on the Templates section and here you'll find your default reminder, statement, and 'thank you for paying' templates which have already been generated for you. You can then start to customise these templates to suit your business needs.

Click on the Templates link next to each email type to review and customise. When clicking on the Templates next to Reminder Emails, you'll find reminder templates 1 to 5. By default, reminder one will be sent to your customers where invoices are due in 7 days’ time. You can completely change the schedule ruling for each template.

Along with the ruling, you also have the option to change the email subject and email body. The highlighted text, for example, customer name and invoice number are called 'Snippets', which pull relevant information relating to your customers and their outstanding invoices into your automated emails. You have the option to include more information from our Snippets list by clicking on the ‘#’ symbol in the text editor. All you need to do is click on the desired snippet from the list and it will be added into the email body with the option to place it where preferred.

Below Template 5 is your Grouped Reminder template which will be used when the system recognises your customer is due multiple email reminders on the same day. This template groups these invoices into a table for your customer to avoid multiple reminders sending at the same time.

You can use the preview tab on any of the templates to see what the email will look like to your customer. Don't forget to click 'Save Reminder' when you are happy with any amendments you have made.

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