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Credit Reports - What is the difference between a summary and a full report?
Credit Reports - What is the difference between a summary and a full report?
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All of our customers have access to unlimited Credit Summaries, and depending on your chosen Satago subscription, you will also have an allowance for full credit reports.

What is a Credit Summary?

A Credit Summary gives an overview of the business providing Risk Banding, recommended Credit Limit and the average Days Beyond Terms.

To view the Credit Summary for a business, navigate to Risk Insights > Credit Search and type the company name or number in the search bar, then click Search.

Click 'View company page' on the right hand side to be taken to the Credit Summary.

What is a full Credit Report?

A full Credit Report drills further into the company information, providing the credit score in addition to the credit banding and details financials, event history and more.

You can access a full credit report from the Credit Summary, by clicking on 'View complete credit report'

How to check your allowance and amount used?

Your Billing section under Admin > Organisation will show you how many full Credit Reports you have access to and how many used so far.

- Please note if your Satago subscription is managed by Sage you will have been advised on your allowance of 25 full Credit Reports annually.

How can I purchase additional full Credit Reports?

If you have used up your allowance, you have the option to purchase additonal reports. Please get in touch via live chat or so we can assist you with this.

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