Customise your e-mails

Satago allows you to create a customised footer for your e-mails. By creating your own e-mail footer, your chosen text will be displayed at the bottom of every invoice reminder, statement and "Thank You" email.

How to create your e-mail footer

1. Login to the platform at

2. Select the ‘Credit Control’ menu on the left-hand side and select ‘Settings’

3. Scroll down to ‘E-mail footer’ and select ‘Edit’

4. Enter your chosen footer into the text box and select ‘Save’

Your chosen footer will now display at the bottom of all e-mails that Satago sends to your customers on your behalf.

Use your company logo

You can also insert your company logo into your e-mail templates by following a few simple steps:

1. Select the ‘Admin’ menu on the left-hand side and select ‘Organisation’

2. Click on ‘Choose File’ and then ‘Upload

3. Select the ‘Credit Control’ menu and select ‘Templates’, to add your company logo to your e-mail templates

4. Click into the e-mail template in the place that you would like your company logo to appear

5. Then click on the ‘Snippets’ menu and scroll down and select the ‘Company Logo’ option

6. Click on the ‘Preview’ tab to see what your e-mail will look like and if you’re happy with it, select ‘Save reminder’

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