To run a credit search on a company navigate to Risk Insights > Credit Search and use the search box to find the right business.

Credit summaries

Once you've found the right business, click on the business name or the View Company Page button to see a summary of the company. These credit overviews are unlimited for all Satago subscriptions.

Full credit reports

On the company page you can view a full, detailed credit report by clicking the View a complete credit report button.

If you choose to run a full credit report you will see various tabs for Directors & Shareholders, Financials and other information on the company. You will also find commentary explaining the company's credit score.

If you're already a Satago user, you can view a demo credit report here without using up your allowance.

Credit reports: your allowance

Please note, your Satago subscription may have a limited allowance of full credit reports (see the Pricing page or speak to your account manager for details). Clicking the View a complete credit report button will use some of your allowance, so make sure you have the correct company selected before doing this.

If you're not sure whether you have selected the right company, the credit summary page includes registered address, company number, company status and more, so you can verify you're looking at the right company before using some of your credit report allowance.

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