Before you enable your Reminders, Statements and Thank You emails, you need to choose your Satago email address.

If your regular email address is “” then your Satago email address can be set as ““. This is called setting your “Satago sub-domain”. 

If you are subscribed to our Satago Premium package you have the option to integrate your email domain with Satago, so as an example emails will be sent straight from your "” address rather than the Satago sub-domain. If you would like to integrate your email account please view the following article: Can we send automated emails from our own email account

Setting up your Satago subdomain

To set your Satago sub-domain you must be an Admin user. If you are not the Admin user on your account, please ask them to carry out the following steps for you:

Navigate to Settings > Messaging

On the right-hand side of the Messaging Settings page, you will see the section where you can choose your sub-domain:

Enter your desired subdomain and click “Check Availability”. Remember – you should choose a subdomain that matches your email address. Be careful with spelling.

If your selection is available you will see the following message:

Once you click Confirm new sub-domain your new Satago email address is set and cannot be changed.

Note the local part of your Satago email address (i.e. the part before the “@” sign) is automatically matched with the local part of your user email address. Therefore the user with the login will automatically have the Satago email address once “acmewidgets” has been chosen as the subdomain.

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