The following steps are required.

1. Sign up to Satago via the registration page

2. Select 'Sage' from the list of accounts packages

3. Then select 'Sage 50'.

4. Then on the connector page, download the software to your PC where Sage 50 is installed.

5. When the connector application has downloaded, run it (you may need to find it in your downloads folder).

6. A Sage 50 Connect app then loads and prompts you to enter the License Key - copy this from the connector page, and click 'Next'. 

7. You are then prompted to enter the Data Directory for the accounts for the company you are registering.

8. Enter the username and password to your Sage 50 account (typically username 'manager', and a blank password), and then click the 'Link' button.

9. The 'Sage 50 Link' software will complete the installation and will be present in your programs tray. You will see a 'Sync Success' message informing you that your Sage 50 data has now been synchronised with Satago and that data will be periodically updated with Satago (i.e. nightly).

10. Return back to the Satago connector page and click continue. Your data will import into the application.

11. Once imported, you are able to see your customer and invoice data and use the platform.

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