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Setting up for Invoice Finance
Setting up for Invoice Finance

How to get started on the platform so you can apply for Invoice Finance with Satago

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It takes minutes to get started in 3 simple steps!

1. Connect ASP

2. Bank Verification and KYC

3. Finance Agreement

Connect ASP

First step is to connect your accounting software.

Types of Software and Connection

There are two main types of accounting software; ‘cloud’ and ‘desktop’:

Cloud software is available ‘on-demand’ and can be accessed from any location via the internet which makes the external connection process straightforward

Desktop software is available ‘locally’ as it runs on an actual computer/device which means it can be accessed without an internet connection

Connector software is required for connecting to all types of desktop accounts packages. We have our own connector for clients using Sage 50, and we use a different connector to connect to any other desktop packages.

For Sage50

In order to connect your Satago app to Sage 50 you need to follow these steps:

For other desktop apps:

In order to connect your Satago app to other desktop software such as Sage 200, Sage X3, Access Dimensions, etc., you need to:

  1. Find out what Accounts software you have and whether it’s “on-premise” (that means downloaded onto your computer)

  2. You can go to the ‘About’ page in your accounting software and grab a screenshot for version info

  3. Get in touch with us via livechat or for next steps so we can arrange your connection

Bank Verification and KYC

The initial onboarding process for Invoice Finance consists of 3 main components;

  1. Bank verification,

  2. KYC (Know your Customer)

  3. Finance Agreement.

    The purpose of these steps is to ensure we know our customers and have performed the necessary checks to prevent money laundering and fraud. We also establish the terms by which we offer finance to you, the client.

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