What is a Snippet?
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A Snippet is a field in Satago that pulls relevant information into the email being sent to your customer, relating to their invoice, similar to how a mail merge field works.

The blue text highlighted grey, for example, 'Customer First Name', 'Invoice Number' and 'Orginal Invoice Amount' are called 'Snippets' in Satago:

Each time an automated email is sent from Satago, these Snippets will be replaced by the relevant detail of each customer and invoice due a reminder, statement or thank you email.

You have the option to include more detail from our Snippets list by clicking on the β€˜#’ symbol in the text editor. Then just click on the desired snippet from the list and it will be added into the email body with the option to place it where preferred:

Tip: Add your cursor to the desired line in the template before inserting your Snippet to ensure the detail is where you want it

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