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Creating sending schedules for customers and customer groups
Creating sending schedules for customers and customer groups

Sending schedules allow you to choose when your customers receive automated reminder, statement and thank you emails

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If you want to send emails on different days or times to your default schedule for one or more customers, you will need to create a new customer group and a new sending schedule for that group.

To create a new sending schedule, navigate to Credit Control > Settings and click on the ‘Additional Settings’ tab. Scroll down to 'Manage Schedules' where you will see your Default group. Now click ‘Create’:

You will need to name your new schedule, then choose your preferred sending days and times and hit ‘Create’:

Now go back to the ‘Email templates’ tab and select your new group from the dropdown list to change their sending schedule:

Now click on the pencil (edit) icon next to the group name.

This enables you to change the sending schedule to any of the schedules you created under your additional settings – remember to hit ‘Save’:

To add customers for this sending schedule, just find your customer in Satago and select the group you assigned the schedule to by clicking on the Options tab under this customer:

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