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Can I change invoice Due Dates in Satago?
Can I change invoice Due Dates in Satago?
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If you intend to override your Due Dates in Satago, please carefully read this FAQ article beforehand.

By default, Satago uses the Due Dates as specified by your own accounting system. This is the recommended way to use Satago.

However, there may be circumstances in which you need to override the Due Dates from your accounting software in Satago.

Most commonly, this applies to users of desktop accounting software (e.g. Sage50, or Microsoft Navision), where credit terms have not been used for customers (all Due Dates = Date Issued Dates), or your company’s credit policy does not match the settings in your accounting software: e.g. you have credit terms set in your accounting software configured as 60 days from invoice date, but the “text” credit policy, as written on your invoices, is “60 days from end of invoice month”.

Due Dates can be overridden on an account-wide basis, and also on a customer-by-customer basis.

To override Account-wide Due Dates, go to Admin > Organisation > Options. You will see “Override payment terms” with the option to “Edit”.

To override customer-level Due Dates, go to any Customer's page, click on “Options” – on this page you will see “Override payment terms” with the option to “Edit”.

The logic of the Due Dates Override should allow you to set any Due Date you need. For example, if you wish payment terms to be 60 days from the end of the month in which the invoice is raised, you would use the below settings:

Remember to click “Update”


Due to the way the import from different accounting systems works, the functionality of this feature will vary slightly depending on your accounting software.

For some accounting software (all desktop accounting software, such as Sage50 or Microsoft Navision, plus Freeagent), changing this setting will change all future and past Due Dates for your account and/or customer in Satago.

For all other accounting software, changing this setting will only change future invoices in Satago that are raised, and will not, by default, affect already imported invoices. If you need to override your already imported invoice Due Dates, please contact support and we are able to do this for you.


Please note that the changes to Due Dates do not take place immediately. They will only take effect after the next data import. Cloud accounting users can force a new import at any time. Desktop accounting users may have to wait up to 24 hours to see changes.

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