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Connecting to Kashflow
Connecting to Kashflow
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In order to connect to the Kashflow accounting system from Satago, there are a few key settings to get right on the Kashflow side before attempting the integration. If you get ‘access denied’ or ‘password not accepted’ when trying to use Kashflow with Satago, then you most have yet to enable the API access to your Kashflow account.

In order to enable Satago to work seamlessly with Kashflow you first need to enable the API:

  1. Log in to your Kashflow account at

  2. In the left hand menu, select ‘Apps’ (url:

  3. In the top bar in the right hand corner, click the ‘Api Settings’ button, it has a cog icon

  4. On the next page the following settings changes are required

  5. Check the first checkbox called ‘Enabled’

  6. Uncheck the third option called ‘Restrict Access to specific IP addresses’ – by default this option disallows access from everywhere

  7. Near the bottom, ensure that ‘Enable AutoAuth’ is also turned on (it is by default). Satago relies on this to keep your account secure.

  8. Optional (mandatory for KashFlow Connect users!): In order to make sure that your Kashflow connection remains connected even when you change your Kashflow password, you can set an API specific password by selecting ‘Separate API password’ and entering a new password just for when using the API. Remember to use this password when signing in to Kashflow via Satago (and other apps that use the API)

  9. Click the Update button at the bottom of the form

You should now be able to integrate your accounts data in to Satago and start getting paid faster. Get in touch if you have anything further that we can help with.

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