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What reports do you generate?
What reports do you generate?
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There are 2 types of reports you can generate:

  1. Company Page Overview - This is a summary of the company at a glance

  2. Complete Credit Report - This is a full report and counts towards your annual report allowance in your subscription

Steps to Access Reports

To access the Company Page Overview:

From the side bar menu select

Risk Insights>Credit search>View Company Page

This will open up a Company page like this:

Then to view the Complete Credit Report:

Select 'View a complete credit report' (remember this will count towards your annual allowance of reports - get in touch with us if you need more)

There are various different debtor reports that are automatically generated using data from your sales ledger. They can be used to keep track of who your biggest debtors are, and the risk they expose your business to.

Aged Debtors Report

A visual representation of the debtor book which describes the volume of invoices by the severity of lateness.

If you're applying for credit insurance or bad debt protection, an aged debtor report could be requested.

This can be exported as CSV or PDF.

Largest & Oldest Open Invoices

This highlights the priority to be monitored by credit control. You may want to advise other areas of your company on the biggest and oldest debtors to your company.

This can be exported to CSV or PDF.

Risk Segments

This lists which customers are in each of the risk categories, from Very Low Risk to Very High Risk.

Risk Concentrations

This table helps you prioritise your riskiest and most overdue invoices. For example, you might choose to view Very High Risk customers with invoices which are 90+ days overdue.

Credit Limit Breaches

A useful report to identify the customers that have exceeded their credit limit. This may mean that these customers are on credit hold with your company and may require a direct conversation. The system will send you notifications of credit limit breaches automatically, or you can choose to run the report manually for a regular checkup.

Credit Summary

This report shows the basic credit risk level of your matched customers.

Any trends, any outstanding balance, credit limit, average payment delay with you and in the industry.
This can be exported to CSV or PDF.

Top Industry Sector Concentrations

A report which shows how many clients you have in each industry sector and how much is outstanding and overdue for each sector.

Highest Risk Active Customers

This shows you your highest risk customers and their overdue balance, along with their last payment date and last correspondence.

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