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Sage 50 Troubleshooting Steps
Sage 50 Troubleshooting Steps
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Sage 50 is a desktop based accounts package that is stored on your local desktop or server. Satago have built our own 'connector' software that acts as a cloud to enable connection and regular imports.

If you haven't connected your Sage 50 accounts package data with Satago before, please use our setup guide here

If you come across any connection or data importing issues once you've connected, please follow the steps below.

Locate your Sage 50 connector

Your Sage 50 connector will be stored on the same machine or server that your main instance of Sage 50 accounts is stored on. Although your Sage 50 accounts package may be accessed from many different devices, it will always initially be installed on one main machine or server. In order to ensure a stable and successful connection with Satago, the Sage 50 connector must be installed on that main machine or server. For some of our clients this may mean contacting your IT services or support team, as you may not have direct access.

NOTE: Sage 50 connector should only be stored on one machine or server (where the main Sage 50 accounts package is stored). It should not be stored on multiple machines.

Check the Windows service is listed and running

The Windows service is called 'Satago Sage 50 Connector'. To check that this is listed and running successfully please follow the steps below.

  1. Type 'services' into your search bar and click to open the 'Services' app

  2. Scroll through list to find 'Satago Sage 50 Connector'

  3. Check that 'Status' = 'running' and 'Startup Type' = 'Automatic'

  4. If 'Status' is not 'running', double click on the 'Satago Sage 50 Connector' service and click on 'Start'

  5. If 'Startup Type' is not automatic, double click on the 'Satago Sage 50 Connector' service and select 'Automatic' from the drop-down 'Startup Type' menu

Check your sync settings

  1. Locate the Sage 50 connector in your programs tray, right-click the icon and select 'Company List'

  2. Check that the 'sync enabled' box is ticked

  3. If the 'sync enabled' box isn't ticked, double-click your company name, select the tick box, click 'Save' and click the 'x' to close the pop-up window

  4. Once you're back on the 'Company List' page, click 'View Settings' ('Settings' can also be selected when you right-click the Sage 50 connector icon in your programs tray)

  5. Ensure the 'Only upload from this computer (master)' box is ticked

  6. Click 'Check For Updates'

Check antivirus software settings

Your antivirus software may have a list of programs that are being blocked. If you are facing Sage 50/Satago connection issues you should check your antivirus blocked programs list. If the Sage 50 connector is being blocked, this will need to be overridden or an exception may need to be granted. You may need to speak to your IT service or support team to enable this.

Check that Sage Cloud Drive/Remote Data Access is up-to-date

If you find the status of an invoice in Satago isn't matching to the status in Sage, ie invoice has been marked as paid on Sage recently but it's not updating in Satago after the latest data sync, it could be that your Sage Remote Data Access is not updating your main Sage instance. If you use Sage Cloud Drive or Sage Remote Data Access, please follow this link for instructions on how to check and update your Sage Cloud Drive or Sage Remote Data Access:

Complete a full re-syncronisation of your data

After troubleshooting is complete, we suggest completing a full re-sync of your data to ensure Satago captures all updates which may have been missed during troubleshooting.

1. Double click on your company name from the Company List

2. Click on the dropdown arrow next to 'Sync Now' and click ‘Full Re-Sync’

You will be notified once the full re-sync is complete.

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