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Connecting Sage 50 pre v29.2 to Satago
Connecting Sage 50 pre v29.2 to Satago
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NOTE: Please ensure the Sage 50 Connector is installed on your main Sage 50 machine/server - if managed by your IT, they can follow the same steps to install.

Once you have signed up to Satago, you'll be asked to connect your accounting package. If you use Sage 50, which is a desktop version of Sage, you'll need to install Satago's Sage 50 connector which will pull your data from Sage and push it into Satago. This is a read-only connection, meaning Satago will not push any information back to your Sage 50 and you can uninstall the connector from your machine at any time.

The connector should be installed on the same machine that your main instance of Sage 50 is installed on. If your Sage 50 is installed on a company server managed by your IT team, you will need to ask them to assist with the installation.

Follow the steps below to connect your Sage 50 accounts package.

1 - Select 'Sage' from our list of compatible accounting packages:

2 - Select 'Sage 50'

3 - Copy your Satago License key and click 'Download', to install the 'Satago Sage 50 Connector':

4 - Once downloaded, click on the ^ arrow to run the installer:

5 - Click 'Next' on the first installer screen:

6 - Read and accept the License Agreement:

7 - Paste the License key from the registration page and click 'Next':

8 - The component to install will be selected automatically, then click 'Next':

9 - Select/confirm the destination folder for the connector to be installed in and click 'Next' to begin the installation:

10 - Close any conflicting programs that may be running and click 'Install':

11 - Click 'Finish' to run the connector now:

12 - When the Company List dialogue is displayed, click on 'Add Company':

13 - Select your company from the dropdown list:

14 - Enter the Username for Sage (this should always be 'MANAGER') and Password, then click 'Test Connection':

15 - Once validated successfully, click 'Save':

The data synchronisation will begin immediately and the Sync Status column will reflect the state of the synchronisation. When the status changes to Synched you can click 'Exit'. The connector will continue to automatically run every 3 hours as a background service.

16 - Return to the Satago registration flow in your web browser and click 'Continue':

17 - Select your company from the drop down list (if you add multiple companies to your Sage 50 connector, you will see more than one company to choose from in this list) and click 'Continue':

18 - The data import progress from the Sage 50 connector to Satago will be displayed on screen. When the import completes click 'Get Started':

You will land on your Taskboard in Satago where you can complete the set up for the features you are most interested in:

If you need to access the Sage 50 Connector, it can be accessed from the systems tray on the machine it was installed on. Just right-click on the 'S' icon:

And select 'Company List':

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